MIKOI is designed with a focus on function and comfort.
The unique thing about MIKOI is our 4 buckles and 2 straps.
You decide how you wear it. No matter where you come from, or where you are going.
Uni means 1 in Latin. Just like the bag, our carriers are unique.
MIKOI is designed for you.
Unisex - Uniage - Uniyou

recycled nylon - vegan leather loop

Sustainability has been important since day one so we made the bag in 3D with recycled nylon a vegan leather loop and free from unnecessary chemicals.

4 simple buckles

With 4 simple buckles you can wear the bag in 6 different ways. You decide.

One size fits all

A futuristic design, for a modern active lifestyle. In one size fits all and unisex.